Are you satisfied with the results that you have with girls?

The Ultimate Seducer’s Guide is more than just a “pickup guide”. It’s more than a series of tricks and lines to help you fool a woman into sleeping with you.

In this e-book I will teach you how to start the change of your life and yourself, in a way that will make you irresistible to women and to people in general.

See what this Guide can teach you...

Inside the Guide 
It's a time to change your life. The content of this guide will place you on a road to success.

Chapter one - The Lies
You need money to get girls;
Girls like nice guys;
Girls don’t like sex;
Women are the choosers.


Chapter two - The Truth
What women really want;
best version of yourself.

Chapter Three - Seducers Mindset
Be in control;
Be confident not needy;
Be non-reactive.

Chapter four - The Seduction 
Art of Attraction;
​​​​​​​Connection & Bond;
​​​​​​​Sexual Loop.

Guys who donwloaded the book say:
"This is a guide to drive your mind into a new world, and get more results with girls. I am starting a new life."
– Rasmus, 35 - Norway

Who is Badboy

Maybe you know me as a teacher, as a coach, as a life coach, as a dating guru or as a No. 1 seducer in the entire world... It doesn’t matter how. What’s important is the start of your action in order to change your life perspective, to seduce girls and to get the best from your life.  

I am a Life and Dating coach for more than 15 years, and I had coached thousands and thousands of guys around the planet in the course of this period. In my journey around the globe, I visited more than 50 countries running seminars, boot camps and created products that have re-shaped the way how many men interact with women in their lives. My mission is to lead men towards their ultimate success with woman, but in their entire lives as well. 

This e-book is one of these “foundational” materials prepared by me and my team in order to help you to understand how the seduction works, what kind of person you must become, and in order to give you the scope of the best techniques that you must have in order to become great with women. This book is reference, not a “magic bullet”. You will understand that seduction is more than just picking up girls. 

If you join me on my Life Academy project, I will be your life coach, I will lead you and be with you till your ultimate victory.